The Devil

Do I believe in the devil? I don’t know. I don’t care.

A quote of a quote from ‘The God I Don’t Understand’ by Chris Wright addresses this well:

“To believe in somebody or something implies that we believe in their existence.

But it also carries overtones of an investment of faith or trust…to believe in Jesus means, or should mean, more than believing in his existence. It involves personal trust and faith by virtue of which the power of Christ is magnified in the life of  the believer. The access of Christ to an individuals’ life, his power or influence within them, is in proportion to their faith.

This use of language applies in the wider world. To believe in a political leader implies more than believing in their existence; it implies faith in the system of values for which they stand and confidence in their ability to carry it through.

The reply to the question should Christians believe in the devil must therefore be a resounding ‘No!’ When we believe in something we have a positive relationship to that in which we believe but for the Christian a positive relationship to the devil and demons is not possible. We believe in God and on the basis of this faith we disbelieve in the devil…Satan is not the object of Christian belief but of Christian disbelief. We belief against the devil. We resolutely refuse the devil place.

…the power of darkness against which we belief has its own reality. Even though it has a reality it lacks a validity – it ought not to exist because it is the contradiction of all existence. Its existence is unthinkable even as it is undeniable. It exists, but for the Christian it exists as something to be rejected and denied.

I don’t know. I don’t care. If the Devil does exist, he exists only as something powerless to be ignored.


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