What is this all about?

A little history: I started this blog a very long time ago, as a way of expressing and forming a faith that had been embryonic and poorly fed for most of my life. This place became a very important part of my life. After much time and effort, I came to some conclusions, and began to feel that the discussions that had at first enlivened me and forced me to learn and develop my faith, were instead becoming numbing. I abandoned the project. Over five years later, life is very different. Marriage. Career. Responsibilities. A foolish man such as myself might assume these things might change the way I felt about faith.

I want to find out. I have done away with the old Castle of Nutshells. This Castle of Nutshells 2.0 is going to look a little like a book, albeit written out of order and in tiny tiny chapters. My own personal ‘systematic’ theology, in the sense that I am going to try to record it in a way that is simple and categorical, so (and I don’t know how realistic this is), I can refer back and recall why I believe something I believe.

I’ll have chapter headings, although I’m not sure what they’ll be. If I add to a thought I’ve previously had, I’ll link back to the previous entry, and re-state my case, especially if it changes, hoping to render searching is unnecessary. I’ll try to index things too.

As ever, nothing here is final, and I doubt everything. Each thought blog I write is merely a nutshell, and no man until I  was ever foolish enough to build a castle from them.